More Bunnies!
December 16, 2010, 2:32 am
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I spent another morning at Best Friends cleaning bunny cages and helping out Burke and Dave, the rabbit keepers. This time I a) hauled ass through my duties and b) brought my phone so I took some photos to share.
Kelso and Hyde
Kelso (foreground) and Hyde, brothers helping me clean.

My artsy shot of Kelso. Like Ashton, he's big on cameras.


Kelso and Hyde snuggling together.

Heathcliffe, the tiniest little cutie.

Toodles, a realy friendly big boy.

Lola, a seriously hairy hare.

Laverne and Shirley (don't ask which is who) hiding in their wicker tent.


Fuzzy, the handi-capable she-bunny, eating hay. She was a little cranky this day.

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Fuzzy wuzzy wabbits.

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